Sunday, December 17, 2006

Vaporized by Blogger Beta?

Looks like The Orange Orb blog lost its older posts when it switched over to Blogger Beta. You can find The Orb here at its new Beta home.

According to The Orb, others have also suffered problems when switching from Blogger Original to Blogger Beta. Apparently Blogger subscribes to this principle: If it doesn't need fixing, let's break it.

Me, I'm going to stay here until with BO they kick me off. I don't know if I'll ever switch to BB. Blogger is convenient -- when it works the way it should. My website isn't as easy for posting and archiving, but it has been more dependable. I might start using it more often with its blog-like section called "X-Rays." So make a note: If this blog should suddenly vaporize, you will find me there.

As I mentioned in a previous post, it seems some comments to this blog have been lost or blocked. Probably part of the Beta nonsense. If you can't comment via Blogger, please use my email address linked below.

We bloggers have to stick together and get the word out, especially when the feces strikes the air circulation propeller. I'm glad to pass along the word that The Orange Orb is still with us. If we keep each other informed on what is going on, we should stay ahead of the problem, communicating with few interruptions. After all, communication is what this is all about.

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