Monday, November 20, 2006

From The MailboX: No NUFOC This Year

I received another “confidential” postcard from that ufological gadfly Jim Moseley, perpetrator of the zine Saucer Smear. He only reads my thoughts via my snail mail zine, The Ray X X-Rayer, eschewing the "Dreaded" Internet. Since Jim can say it best in few words, this is what he had to share. (NUFOC refers to the National UFO Conference.)

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Dear RX:

I really enjoyed your [Ray X X-Rayer] #50 more than usual, especially as it was mostly about UFO-related things, with a little sci/fi thrown in. Too bad Kimball lost $'s with his con; As U will see in the next "Smear," The San Diego NUFOC has been mercifully cancelled. I called the hotel awhile back + was told that 100 rooms had been set aside. I asked how many had been taken so far, + and the reply was none! (That was a clue!) I wish I could hold a con with U as the featured speaker. You could appear with a bag over your head if necessary. Print this (if U dare!)

Jim Moseley

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