Thursday, October 19, 2006

Misc. UFO Con Updates

No, I'm not referring to ET scam artists. The "con" refers to conference, such as the 2006 New Frontiers Symposium that was held on October 14th, up there in Halifax, Nova Scotia (in Canada, eh?).

Over at his blog, The Other Side Of Truth, Paul Kimball explains that while his conference didn't draw great numbers (and ended up losing money), he will press on with another New Frontiers Symposium, probably in late spring of next year. LINK

The next symposium might feature a modern way of reaching the masses. To quote Paul:

"I view the 2006 Symposium as a trial-run for things to come. Will Wise and I were bouncing some very interesting ideas around after the Symposium about how we can move forward by using the Internet, and concepts such as live streaming of symposium video, which would allow people from all around the world to 'attend', and, hopefully, even interact with the speakers. More on all of this in the days and weeks to come."

In contrast, my favorite computerphobic Luddite, James Moseley, just announced in the latest issue of his meatspace zine, Saucer Smear (Oct. 5th, 2006), that there should be a NUFOC for 2006, even though it had been previously announced that we would be NUFOC-less until 2007. As Supreme Commander Moseley delineates, he received a phone call from Lisa Davis, executive director of the NUFOC (National UFO Conference), who told him she decided not to skip this year and that a conference would be held on Dec. 1st thourgh the 3rd at the Bahia Resort Hotel in San Diego, California. Moseley added that as Smear was going to press, he still hadn't received any updates regarding the last minute NUFOC.

I went to the NUFOC site and the only info that I found beyond the item in Smear is the hotel room rate. The page states: "More details will be added very shortly." (To reach this page, click on "Conferences" in the upper right hand corner on the NUFOC homepage, then click on "2006.") As the Supreme Commander observes:

"It's a bit late to advertise a convention for early December, but we'll see what happens. Your 'Smear' editor expects to be there!"

And all I can add is: Wheee!

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