Saturday, July 08, 2006

Worst Alien Story Of All Time?

Well, unlike James Moseley and his zine, Saucer Smear, I’ve never won any polls. Recently Supreme Commander Moseley’s zine was voted Best UFO Publication over at The Other Side Of Truth, Paul Kimball’s blog. So when someone recognizes me for a special achievement, I take note.

On occasion I pass along news items to Moseley; he’s always looking for oddball tidbits to pepper Saucer Smear. I sent him an article I found on the web about a bird rescue center in California that ended up with an intriguing X-ray from an injured duck. Part of the image seemed to form the face of an alien, right there in the misfortunate mallard’s gut. Apparently its last meal, corn and grit, settled in such a way to produce a large-eyed visage familiar to SF fans and UFO buffs.

The staff at the International Bird Rescue Center in Vallejo didn’t question its good – but weird – fortune. It has printed up t-shirts with the alien face accompanied by the words, “In space no one can hear you quack.” And the center also raised $9,600 by auctioning off the unique X-ray.

And so how did Mr. Moseley describe this paradigm-shifting incident?

He called it “perhaps the worst alien-related story of all time.”

I’m honored. My only regret is that I only passed along the story and didn’t write the article. So I really can’t crow about it. In the meantime I’m driven to find the worst alien-related article of all time, no “perhaps” about it. Maybe I was just a lucky ducky. If I don’t find another item for the birds soon, I’m afraid the stress will drive me quackers.

I’ll just have to trust my instincts and wing it.

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